Earnestly Good Ice Cream

by neonconfidential

Earnest Ice Cream 2

Earnest Ice Cream takes the business of making good ice cream seriously. Their tagline after all is “Seriously Good”, and in each glass pint the ingredients are seasonal and often inspired by the diverse cultures in their East Van hood. From Strawberry Basil to Cardamon and Mexican Chocolate, every hand labelled jar packs a punch. Just over a year ago their name began popping up amongst locavores who’d gotten hooked on their ice cream at farmers markets and artisan stores around town. I first bumped into a pint of their Pumpkin Pie on a rainy autumn morning at the Winter Farmers Market. It’s been a guilty affair since. I could return their jars for a $1 refund, but why when they double as a compact flower vase?

I don’t know about you, but ice cream is my happy place. So, it came as the perfect summer’s treat to hear that Earnest Ice Cream was finally opening their very own ice cream parlour. I arrived at last Thursday’s inaugural launch 5 mins after their 5pm opening time to find they were already in full swing. Those that were seated with ice cream in hand, also guarded several pints at their table. By 5:15, the line was out the door. I whisked up a scoop of their Whiskey Hazelnut and didn’t think twice about picking up an extra pint for the road.  As founders Ben and Erica say, “a world without ice cream? it would be awful, and sad to think about.” Well, lucky for us, we don’t have to.

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